Cover Photo for Samantha Cayto's One Night In A DungeonOne Night in a Dungeon

It takes a strong man to submit to another’s control, and a good Dom wields his power with care.Captain Drew Atkins, a battle-hardened warrior, is ready for the ultimate test of his strength and courage – submitting himself to another man’s control. Luc DuBois is the consummate Dom, the perfect man to initiate Drew in the twin delights of pleasure and pain. One night in a dungeon taxes them both.Drew isn’t sure he can yield up control or take the pain his body craves. The allure of this new submissive drives Luc to the edge of his control.
Luc introduces Drew to the awesome effects of pain and the bliss of leaving the decisions up to someone else. The tension of Drew’s career washes away with each stroke of the flogger. He is more than willing to give Luc whatever he demands.Luc admires Drew’s strength, is humbled by his trust and takes only what he knows the other man can give. As he plays with the soldier’s body, Luc also knows one night will not be enough.

Cover Pic for Samantha Cayto's Spank 'Em CowboySpank ‘Em Cowboy

A stand alone book in the Naughty Sleepover series
Attending her sister’s San Antonio wedding, sensible California gal Tara O’Malley’s only hope is to survive the overdone affair without a wardrobe malfunction.Rodeo salesman, Rob, can’t resist helping a damsel in distress. The voluptuous lady tantalizes his dominant nature, and he wants to take her for the ride of her life.Whether it’s the sultry San Antonio night, or simply her tight dress cutting off the oxygen to her brain, the lure of submitting to the commanding Texan may prove more tempting than she can resist.

Cover pic for Samantha Cayto's Wet RideWet Ride

Transplanted Boston executive, Emily Driscoll, is taking San Antonio by storm. A take charge kind of woman, she controls her business and personal relationships with the same ruthless efficiency. Her secret desire, however, is to give control to a strong man who will show her a little discipline and a lot of love. A naughty sex toy party has armed her with the weapons she needs to surrender. If she can only find the right man to wield them.General contractor, Kevin Brandt, has the right tools in his belt to keep a lady happy. He wields a flogger and a hammer with equal skill. He’s on the prowl for a strong woman who will trust him with her body. It takes only a little coaxing to get this button-downed Northerner to put herself in his clever hands.A weekend playing with Emily’s toys shuts out the rest of the world. But come Monday, social rules and an old flame threaten to sever their bonds. They have to fight to keep their new-found delights from swirling down the drain.

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